Our Story

Our Philosophy 

Here at Verona's Travel is that we are your one-stop shop to all your travel and vacationing needs for you and your family and friends!   

Our company was founded on the idea of helping working families take the guesswork out of the need for relaxation and for all those in need of some assistance to create a fun filled vacation.  

Ever since our organization was established, we have endeavored to provide help where needed.  

We also provide an opportunity for you to become a travel expert, to bridge the generational gap, enlighten one's purpose and passion and bring about Financial Freedom.  

Helping You Live Your Best Life As We Shine By Helping Our Own To Rise Your Memories Our Commitment!

Verona's Travel where we take the guesswork out of travel for you and gives you the time to do the things you love doing the most.

Your Memories Our Commitment